Danniflex 480 CPM
Here at Intermountain Orthopedic Care we primarily use the Danninger Danniflex 480 CPM.

1. To turn on the  POWER switch located at the base of the CPM unit. The control panel will light up, and the control panel will ask if you would like to start with the warm up program.
2. To select the warm up feature, press the EXT button. And then, press the  STOP/START button. to begin full programmed range of motion, and continue where the machine was last used press the FLEX button and then the STOP/START button.
3. To increase or decrease extension or flexion range, simply depress and hold the EXT of FLEX button while simultaneously pushing the UP or DOWN arrow. 
4. The Danniflex 480 operates at speed cycles from 1 to 10 minutes per cycle. to adjust the speed, depress the SPEED button while simultaneously pushing the UP or DOWN arrow. While depressing the the SPEED button the bar graph will indicate the selected speed.
5. A pause betweem 0 to 30 seconds may be selected at the end of the extension and/or flexion cycles. The pause checked by depressing the EXTENSION PAUSE or FLEXION PAUSE button. to adjust the number of seconds of pause, hold the EXTENSION PAUSE or FLEXION PAUSE button while simultaneously pushing the UP or DOWN arrow. Unless your doctor of therapist suggest an extension or flexion pause the setting will be 0 for both. 
Proper Patient Alignment
It is important that the CPM machine is aligned properly in order to get the proper bend at the knee joint.
The bottom of your foot should be touching the foot plate at any point during the cycle. The knee pivot on the CPM (white knob) should line up with the center of the knee joint. The thigh shield should fit to the gluteal crease (the bottom of the buttocks), and the thigh strap should fit snugly around your mid-thigh area
For more information on renting the CPM machine call 801-226-4741.